Privacy Policy

Who we are:

I am Samantha Garner and the website associated with this Privacy Policy (and the data collected therein) is

What data we 'collect':

We collect data (such as I.P. addresses and ‘User Agent’ info – which is text that describes your browser/OS) routinely to help us administer the site and deliver the best user experience to you, on our website.

Occasionally, this data may be retained for use by the website, and used for things like ‘Cookies’.

We do not process this data outside of the automated systems used by the website to deliver/display content to you  We do not use this data to enable the personal identification of our users, by any humans.

We collect names and email addresses for use by our staff to send things like newsletters and/or updates/special offers.  This requires your specific consent (initially providing this data) and this consent may be removed (by you) at any time, by clicking on any of the ‘Unsubscribe’ links in the communications, or by specifically emailing us to let us know.

From time-to-time, we may vary our data collection requirements, policies and procedures.  If these are significant we will contact you to tell you and seek your consent.

How we process this data:

The data we collect is held on a secure database, on our servers, administered by us and us alone.  We do not disseminate this information to anyone outside of our organisation EXCEPT in compliance with a legal, court-ordered request to do so.

We should also state that we fully support and comply with our safeguarding responsibilities as required by UK Law – and this may require us to share information with relevant bodies/authorities without consent.  This is extremely rare.

We do not process your data in any way other than to facilitate communication with you, in the manner consented to by you.


When people say nice things about me or my work, I like to share them.  However, I will always ask for consent first.  That said, this consent can be withdrawn by you at any time, and I’ll take down the lovely thing you’ve said – just ask me.

These comments are usually partially attributable to a ‘person’ but I endeavour to make it as obscure as possible.  If I don’t get it right and you feel it’s not what you wanted or expected, then please tell me and I’ll remove it/edit it until you’re happy.

Data used for Goods/Services:

In order to supply our customers with our goods and services, we have to collect certain data – such as names and/or contact details.

We will use this data to supply the goods and/or services, process payments, and to contact you with regard to the goods and/or services purchased by you/supplied by us.  This is to ensure you get the best service and what you’ve paid for.

Some contact details are required by 3rd parties (such as Payment Gateways e.g. Stripe, PayPal) to process purchases and ensure everyone gets what they want.

For our part, we will only use and/or retain these details to supply the goods/services required and we do not provide these details to other 3rd parties, outside of the purchase process.

Please ensure you read the relevant policies from the 3rd parties we do use, before using them.  If you have any problems or issues with a specific 3rd parties data use/retention policy, then please contact them to ensure your satisfaction.

Will you forget about me?

We can and will, if required, provide a summary in readable format of any and all data we hold about you – if you ask us.

We can and will, if required, forget about you too.  We will delete/destroy/make inaccessible any and all data we hold about you – if you ask us.

We take every effort to comply with current GDPR/Data Privacy/Data Protection legislation.  If you have a concern that we’ve missed something or if something goes wrong, or if we make an error – please let us know and we will make every effort to rectify the situation as soon as possible.

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